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Wild Willy Weed (Catnip)

Wild Willy Weed (Catnip)


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“The bestest catnip in the East”


Wild Willy Weed grown here at Hope Hill Lavender Farm

.75 oz

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × .5 in

2 reviews for Wild Willy Weed (Catnip)

  1. Megan Williams

    I like to try new things with my fur baby. I bought this at the farm, came home, placed it on the table and had to run a few errands. I came home and he already had the bag in his bed with a few claw holes in it and some of it out of the bag laying on it. I have to hide it from him. So I can say he likes it and he gives it a very good rating.

  2. Camille D’Attilio

    This is the best catnip ever! They smelled it through the bag & I couldn’t fill their catnip mice quick enough. My senior girls played, rolled & finally fell asleep on their Wild Willy Weed filled mice. Will be visiting shortly for more!

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