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Benefits of Lavender

Benefits of Lavender2019-11-25T14:02:00-05:00
Benefits of Lavender Oil

The benefits of lavender are the numerous ways it can be utilized.

Personal aromatherapy is my favorite way to use lavender. In addition to smelling great naturally Lavender essential oil is said to have soothing properties-utilized to relieve stress, soothing and balancing, too. We distill for lavender essential oil here at Hope Hill Lavender Farm which provides us with our own lavender essential oil and lavender water also known as hydrosol. Hydrosol can be used on the skin or in your personal space as aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil and hydrosol can be used in cleaning naturally, too. We use our lavender essential oil and lavender water to create our lavender products that smell wonderful naturally.

Lavender can be used to beautify our environment. Decorating with fresh lavender bouquets when it is in season, which is typically July, or dried bouquets when lavender season is at rest is a simple way to enjoy lavender’s beauty. Lavender plants can be used to beautify our landscape and benefit the pollinators, too. We propagate our lavender plants from lavender growing in our fields. We have several different cultivars of lavender available during the planting season. Lavender plants are available with many different attributes amongst the different cultivars. We have information at our farm store that helps you make your selections.

The culinary side of lavender is an interesting journey. We have been utilizing dried culinary lavender in recipes prior to becoming a lavender farm. Lavender is an herb such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Lavender is a member of the mint family with a lovely scent and a unique flavor. We can help you understand which is the best lavender plants for culinary lavender. Our plants are cared for with natural methods-no chemicals. Important to know when cooking with an herb. Dried lavender buds have more than double the power of fresh lavender. We share several recipes on our recipe utilizing our dried culinary lavender buds.

You can visit our farm to learn more about the benefits of lavender and to buy our lavender products.

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